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Our Story

Perpetual Radio Networks launched as Canada's first podcast network producing weekly technology shows out of our studio in Mississauga, ON. PRN is now focused on delivering the highest quality content through our YouTube Channels and written reviews on We launched our flagship automotive review show TestDrive in November of 2015 with our first video on our own 2001 BMW 740iL. Over the course of the next year and a half TestDrive grew to include videos on newer models, and focused more on the review aspect of automotive videos.

On the First of February 2017 we published the first true episode of TestDrive Spotlight on a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E 500 sedan, where we talked briefly about some common problems with that model. That sparked the format we've come to know for our show, and has continued into 2018 when we started working directly with manufacturers to produce weekly episodes on new vehicles. TestDrive is still committed to featuring classic cars as well as new models, and we're always looking for owners of unique and interesting vehicles to be featured on our show.


In January of 2018 Perpetual Radio Networks launched it's coverage of technology with PRN_tech. We've featured some new devices from different vendors as well as covered vintage tech such as laptops and server hardware. PRN_tech aims to take the same professional and quality format we've crafted with TestDrive and apply it to the ever-changing world of consumer tech, video games, and everything interesting with a circuit board.

In 2017 the Perpetual Radio Networks operation was moved from Ontario, Canada, to Acton Vale, Québec, Canada. Our shows are produced locally.

Our Team

Nile Livesey

Executive Producer/Host

Nile Livesey is the original founder of Perpetual Radio Networks and host of TestDrive. He's car enthusiast who enjoys the OEM lifestyle, known for being one of a few people who've replaced aftermarket stereos with original equipment. His first car was a 1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.

Your Name Here!


In April of 2018 Perpetual Radio Networks announced an open casting call for new hosts on TestDrive and PRN_tech. We're looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people who'd be interested in working with our team to produce original content on a regular basis. Ideally we're looking for someone already producing video content on YouTube or other online mediums. Please contact for more information!

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