31 Jul 2017

BMW's Ultimate Driving Machine was driven by 007, the Transporter, and countless others. Find out what makes the 750iL V12 special to us, in our Spotlight on the 2000 BMW 750iL.

24 Jul 2017

I've driven two convertibles in my life. The R231 Mercedes-Benz SL550 we reviewed back in February, and the ND Miata in the rain during the late winter. When the opportunity to film a W124 Mercedes E-Class convertible came up, we jumped at it.

The 1988 300E we featured a few weeks ago received quite a bit of criticism online for the modifications the owner opted for, but our Spotlight on this 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 shouldn't have to walk on fire. This W124 is almost completely original, with just a tiny bit of missing trim from it's 22 years of service, and a steering wheel cover. We love revi...

17 Jul 2017

Ever since we started filming automotive videos (long before TestDrive and a couple name changes) we wanted to feature the W220 Mercedes-Benz S-Class in some form. Our article from a few weeks ago covered the differences between the S-Class and 7 Series, and we discussed the reasoning behind our choice for that episode of Showdown. Our original hope was to drive that S500 didn't have time during our filming run and couldn't co-ordinate a time to go back. But luck had it that the owner of the 540i we just featured also had a W220 S-Class.

Like many early 2000s Mercedes models, rust is a huge pro...

13 Jul 2017

Last week we featured the 1996 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG with the only straight 6 motor AMG and Mercedes ever developed together. During our week with the car we hoped to meet up with the owner of this C43 and film a Showdown episode. We ended up meeting the owner this past weekend and got behind the wheel of the V8 C-Class.

Mercedes updated the car both ascetically and mechanically for the facelift refresh. This 1999 C43 AMG's bumpers are curved more, and the side skirts have been updated to flow with the new curves of the car. The owner has also changed the indicator lights with Euro-style amber...

10 Jul 2017

Why is the E39 540i M Sport so hard to find, and why are enthusiasts jumping on these cars? We find out!

3 Jul 2017

We had a very unique opportunity here at TestDrive this week. Almost every single vehicle we review is owned by someone who agrees to meet up with us for a few hours to film their car. We get all of our film footage captured, drive the car for a bit, and if I haven't forgotten (which I often do) to take some photos and then part ways. Some of the newer cars we featured in the past are press vehicles or rentals which we get for a week or so at a time. This week we had someone else's car for a full week!

We reached out to a local enthusiast group, Mercedes-Benz True North, to ask for cars to feat...

26 Jun 2017

We drive & review the 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300 E AMG and go over the details to look for when buying this 30 year old luxury sedan.

24 Jun 2017

During the course of buying my 2001 BMW 740iL I had seriously considered buying a 2002 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG with teal paint and black leather. That car was fully loaded with navigation, parking sensors, and I believe ventilated active comfort seats. I never had a chance to proceed with that car as I fell for the E38 before. 

But the opportunity came up to drive the E55 and I jumped at it. One of the great aspects of AMG vehicles from the 90s and early 2000s was their inconspicuous design over their 'average' stablemates. The E55 looks virtually identical to an E430 sedan, with badging and ligh...

29 May 2017

If you've followed our BMW 740iL series of videos on our YouTube Channel, you'll know that I bought my 2001 BMW 740iL in September of 2015. Since then we've been filming videos and growing TestDrive into a regular show. One of our Must Have cars to feature was the W220 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It's hard to plan an episode like this, and it starts from the development phase; deciding which cars to feature.

The W220 hit the European market in 1998 and North America in 2000, a strange way to launch the flagship of one of the world's largest luxury car manufacturer considering buyer's in the US and C...

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